Pronto Mail Smartphone

The Pronto project consists of an online Internet telephone. The telephone has a handset, keyboard, black and white display and a 56K modem. In addition a smartcard reader is available to facilitate secure (online) payments.

To make this possible I wrote a TCP/IP stack, email application with POP3 and SMTP support. The software runs on a home made operating system, flash file system and event driven signal handling. The system can be loaded with new firmware using an online update mechanism. The server to handle the updates was written in Perl combined with C to be able to handle RSA and SHA protocols efficiently.

Brochure (PDF)


  • Smart phone with a phonebook, cal-log, caller-id, etc.
  • Smartcard reader (ISO7816 certified)
  • 320x240 display
  • Serial port (printer)
  • Modem 56K
  • TCP/IP stack incl. PPP, DHCP, ARP, POP3, SMTP, HTTP
  • Internet Software upgrade


  • Texas Instruments DSP
  • Fujitsu 8-bit ┬ÁController
  • Windows, UNIX en Linux
  • TLib, Visual Source Safe
  • Borland C++ 5
  • C, C++, Perl, Pascal

Ward/Meller was used to design the software. As operating system a choice was made to use a home made system based on finite state machines and signal driven event structures. All of the telephone software was written in C. For tooling Borland C++, Tlib and Visual Source Safe was used. For testing and configuration tools Pascal was used and the telephone simulator was programmed in C++.