What do we do

Timos develops and supplies mainly audio and video related products and software. Our specialism encompasses embedded software, Linux and Android. Besides designing and developing audio and video products Timos also develops custom software. We develop custom software on a contract or (fixed price) project basis. Ask about the conditions.


Timos is creative when it comes to finding solutions. Out-of-the-box thinking is more habit than it is exception. Do you have a question about how to solve a complicated technical problem? We can solve it!


Timos develops with a passion for technology, a sense of own initiative and a realistic outlook on solutions. Experience has thought us specifications, in conjunction with goals, often change during the coarse of a project. The cause of this are often newly gained insights which come up while trying to solve a problem. For this reason Timos is a strong advocate of incremental development cycles. It means that communication, specification, implementing, testing, revisions and retesting cycles are kept as short as possible.


Timos enjoys simplicity. Our motto: solutions should be made as simple as possible, no simpler. Timos has a clear order in priorities: quality, simplicity and flexibility. At Timos we live for technology. Delivering a well performing solution gives us the satisfaction we strive for.

Who we are

Michel Hendriks
“Timos. Embedded in your product”