Timba Release 0.26

Starting today, all updates and releases for the Timba Digital Signage Player will be published on the Timos website!

This release features the following highlights:

  • Completed the TickerTape implementation to run on all configurations and players
  • Configuration switching is now easier, supports more configurations and requires passwords for certain customer configurations.
  • Many performance improvements
  • Logging is now able to use local storage as a temporary backup when there is no internet connection (please set LogDiskFree in config to enable this feature)
  • A major rewrite for TimbaPlay on how it prepares new media. Not only are transitions shorter but it is more even more capable of continuing when there are playback issues with certain media

Release 0.26 (22 april 2014)

play: fixed problem of the SetLog button not always responding (fast enough)
play: added logging during error situations
play: try to set screenmode and dimensions only once
play: small fix to progress bar
play: added atEndCounter to try and detect if we have onCompletion problems
play: New: major rewrite for preparation of media. Fixes a lot of problems with the mediaplayer returning error -38
play: New: hide feed when displaying media controls
play: Imp: when setting the feed style set height independent of parent layout
play: Fix: no defaults for feed
play: New: allow Xenox feed style and data
play: New: Default to transparent Bg on feed
play: New: Only do installation checks on playlist changes (saves a lot of cpu!)
play: New: Process license checks in background thread
play: New: TickerTape allows smooth scrolling with high speeds
conf: Fix configuration problems in the case of uninstall, install.
conf: Fix: always close HTTP connections properly
conf: New: Show which configuration file is retrieved from which host
conf: New: when switching prefs erase the config zip and setup file
conf: New: allow zip files with and without password
conf: Fix: scroll to bottom on the next loop so the last line is *always* visible
conf: New: deactivate feed when feedstate=0
conf: Fix: check if *new* config is acceptable, not *old* config
conf: New: Name the configs
conf: New: configuration switch using passwords
up: Fix: scheduled firmware update checks
log: New: major rewrite to lower CPU and memory usage (maximum CPU usage reduced from 22% to 5%)
log: New: log to disk feature added
log: New: reduced log view window size so it does not get in the way of TimbaPlay (will be changed again when TimbaPlay uses smaller buttons)
log: New: filter out more unproductive logging