X-Radio Internet Radio

The X-Radio makes it incredibly easy to play high quality audio in commercial spaces.

JVM Optimization

Client: Chess
To improve the performance of the Chess payment terminal the Java virtual machine had to be improved. Back-porting optimizations for newer Java versions to the required JAMVM engine a performance gain of 10% was achieved.

Pay4You Payment Terminal

Client: Chess
Optimization of the Linux kernel to improve performance running under the Trango Hypervisor.

Parking Systems Terminal

Client: W.P.S.

Guidance, Setup and optimization using Linux in the newest parking system from Imtech's department WPS.

Video Terminal

Client: C.P.S. Europe

Drivers and middleware development for the Eyecatcher H323 Videoconference terminal. Internet video telephony on a Freescale iMX27 platform.


Client: Timos & Oetelaar automatisering

Display module development for the Diana-II internet audio streamer.

Lukas Internet Radio

Client: Timos

Development of the Lukas Internet radio as a freelance project. Main purpose of this radio was to listen to church broadcasts.

Flxis X-ray Camera

The project Flxis (not a typo) is an X-Ray imaging subsystem. It offers a low-cost camera system in a highly intgrated package.

Pronto Mail Smartphone

Client: C.P.S. Europe

The Pronto Mail Smartphone was one of the first smartphones. Using fixed telephone lines!