X-Radio is the professional audio player for your business.

Streaming or Store&Forward

Streaming audio opens up possibilities for dynamic mixing and adjusting of the content. If that is not required regular playback from internal storage is also possible. And if Internet just happens to be unavailable the radio will automatically switch to play from internal storage so your business will never be without music.


It is possible to play commercials from a planned schedule. The previous channel will resume playback after the commercial has been played. If it was a stream channel the radio will start connecting to it before the commercial has finished and if it was internal storage playback the next track will be ready before the commercial ends. You can plan commercial playback on specific dates or on a repeating schedule.

Music Experience

Special attention was given to the audio aspect of the X-Radio because the radio has been designed in cooperation with a respected DJ. Volume fade-in and fade-out result in fluent track and channel transitions. Cue-points ensure tracks begin and end when they are supposed to. And just so you don't have to create a special version of your audio library cue-points can be set without modifying the individual audio tracks.


Most audio players in this class present you with a silence during track transitions if played back from internal storage. The X-Radio has been blessed with gapless playback to prevent this from happening. The X-Radio will keep playing tracks without annoying silences in between. And even if you completely reorganise the contents of a channel missing tracks will be skipped without missing a beat.

Simple controls

Using the large graphical display switching channels is easy. The infrared remote has been specially designed to work in the most demanding environments. Influence from fluorescent light or other remotes is non-existing. And for remote control at great distances the fast web interface gives you all the feedback and control you need.


  • Proven reliability
  • Streaming player
  • Store&Forward
  • AAC and MP3 playback, both streaming and Store&Forward
  • Internal audio storage (not user replaceable)
  • Gapless playback
  • Back-to-back playback
  • All actions are executable on a planned schedule or on-demand
  • IR remote usable in any environment
  • Password protected Web interface
  • Volume fade-in and fade-out
  • Sample exact volume fading ensures fluent transitions
  • Cue-points
  • Meta-information (Artist and track) on screen during playback
  • Meta-information fully in sync with track transitions
  • Stream quality indicator on screen
  • Secure file system
  • Commercial playback at any given time
  • Channel resume after commercial playback
  • 19" rack mount
  • Exclusively available via Timos or Xenox, ask for conditions


The X-Radio is built to last. Secured connections. Secured storage. Built to play 24/7. Without interruption.