Timba Release 0.28

This release ensures we can play 24/7 on the latest Android versions too.
Older Android versions can enjoy improved mouse interaction in TimbaPlay (especially while seeking in media using the scrollbar) as well as being even more resilient to failures in media handling.

Release 0.28 (29 April 2014)

TEST: no longer try to kill systemui as we should be able to hide the status bar normally
New: Major rewrite in activity-service-screen-player interactions
New: detect when preparation of media fails so we can skip to the next one
New: VideoPlayer stops playback when watchdog kicks in
Imp: try to detect onCompletion failures
Imp: Try to fix not progressing to next media when media should end in a different manner
Fix: move Image preparation to background thread again
Fix: set TickerTape visibility dependent of controlsView
Fix: scrubbing no longer removes seekbar at inappropriate times
Fix: user interaction now extends time to display onscreen controls
nl.timos.timbaup        26
nl.timos.timbalog       27
nl.timos.timbaconf      27
nl.timos.timbaplay      28
nl.timos.timbaplan      21

Release 0.27  (24 April 2014) - Internal release only

Fix: catch all exceptions during preparation of media
Fix: use more reliable run flag in favor of shutdown test
Fix: allow logging on newest Android versions
New: add timestamp to every log line

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