Timba Release 0.28

This release ensures we can play 24/7 on the latest Android versions too.
Older Android versions can enjoy improved mouse interaction in TimbaPlay (especially while seeking in media using the scrollbar) as well as being even more resilient to failures in media handling.

Timba Release 0.26

Starting today, all updates and releases for the Timba Digital Signage Player will be published on the Timos website! Click the 'Read More' button to see what this release is about!

FAT patent free!

In Europe the Microsoft FAT patent has been ruled as invalid. This is good new for all embedded applications where this file system is used (including Android!). Now, I have been anti patents, especially when it comes to software patents. Het key issue is that it should not matter who invents the idea (the way it is now), but it should matter most who implements, integrates and combines the invented idea the best. Right now the companies who used to do the most work for the invention and manage to keep the status quo are the winners.

Interview Digital Signage Blog

We have been interviewed by the guys at Digital Signage Blog. Check it out at http://www.digitalsignageblog.com/2013/11/28/interview-with-michel-from-timos/

Bilingual Blogging

Staring today I will be expermenting with blogging in 2 languages. This means more work for me but it also means more information for you! It does not mean that all articles will be written in two languages, but if the article is relevant I will add a link to the original one! Visit this page to see the Dutch blog.

Subclipse on Ubuntu 64-bit

Only recently did I switch to using the 64-bit version Ubuntu. Turns out I am not alone to delay the switch to 64-bit, Java is also not quite ready to run with the big boys. But reverting to 32-bit Java on a 64-bit system creates problems with JNI dependent code such as Subclipse.

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